Welcome to Manipal!

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Under the scrutinizing eye of the international media, India often comes off as a conservative society with patriarchal notions and ancient customs. Not to ridicule our blessed history, but amidst the seemingly unwelcome land, is nestled the Utopian town of Manipal. A quaint place with a bucolic charm, the student town of Manipal is situated on the eastern coast of India, sandwiched between the western ghats and Arabian sea. Covered in green the year round, with pleasant weather, Manipal is like an oasis for students. It creates the perfect environment conducive to a culture of broad-minded pursuit of knowledge.

Manipal Academy of Higher Education is India’s best private university with over 28000 students from 56 different nations dotting the sprawling campus. It has 2500 faculty and around 10000 support staff who cater to the various professional institutions in health sciences, engineering, management, communication and the arts. The university has a vast global footprint with offshore campuses in Dubai, Antigua and Malaysia. Manipal has a long history dating back to the early days of India’s independence, when a few enlightened leaders came together to cradle a dynamic and modern shrine to education. The illustrious alumni of Manipal, who are taking great strides in world economy, provide testimony to the university’s tryst with excellence.

What began as a singular institution in a small town years back has grown into a dynamic and vibrant university in an equally throbbing town. What separates Manipal from the other universities is its commitment to its students. Apart from advanced research laboratories and several libraries, Manipal has a unique focus on the extra curricular side of life. Over a 100 student clubs, ranging from drama and debate to anime and comics, provide students with added opportunities to enrich their lives. For the technically inclined, Manipal boasts of quite a few technical teams which regularly stymie competitors at the international level. As each student jostles to find his place in the world, Manipal gently nudges them in the right direction.

Manipal has successfully modernized itself while still reveling in its traditional roots. It is home to one of India’s largest and most advanced sports facilities, Marena, with world-class courts, a gym and an indoor running track. For the outdoor enthusiasts, end point is a suitable junction to exercise. Fitness is a way of life but so is delicious food. Manipal is replete with options to satisfy even the most choosy palates. McDonald’s, Johnny rockets, and egg factory are just a few eateries the students flock to. After a week of toiling, students let their hair down at the unbridled parties that define Manipal’s nightlife. Unrivaled in its exuberant pick of clubs, weekends are filled with revelers and party lovers. Weekends in Manipal are never dull. The western ghats afford all adventure junkies ample chance to get their adrenaline pumping. Trekking, rafting and camping sites are easily accessible by bus or car. Manipal is also known for its pristine beaches in close proximity to the university.

Situated near Bangalore, the silicone Valley of India, Manipal attracts students from all over the world, for a reason. The university celebrates the diverse cultures that coexist together in its hallowed walls. People belive in the ideals of a tolerant, open-minded and free society while participating in their quest for higher education. Students abound here, to write their own takes while sifting through the book called Manipal.


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