Perks Of Being A Volunteer

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This is a great place for people who believe in new beginnings, for those who wish to volunteer. Those who do, and those who are, would know that every experience counts as one. I use the word experience, in its truest sense: as volunteering can be demanding, involving the full spectrum of human emotion. We define ourselves in this definition of volunteering, as a self driven movement, instigating improvement; by hearts pulsing to the rhythm of love that come together. To volunteer is to change for the better.
In this article, I intend to expound on how empathy and exposure encapsulate to give you an exuberant experience when you volunteer.
Empathy and volunteering are joined at the hip, one rendered meaningless without the other. “The great gift of human beings is that we have the power of empathy”, quotes Meryl Streep, from which we infer that volunteering fundamentally teaches us to be human. Volunteering kindles happiness and leaves one with a sense of purpose. While taking on this responsibility single-handedly can be quite a task, Volunteering programs are instrumental in turning visions into reality. Youth for Volunteering at AIESEC is one such initiative that organises volunteering projects and activities every Sunday for its students. YfV gives its volunteers great exposure in and about Manipal, which takes a huge toll on your perspective as every experience introduces reality to you, sans filter. It is this exposure that imbibes in you an arsenal of skills necessary for a sustainable and self-sufficient living. It familiarises one with the locality while teaching the volunteers to adapt within the geographical restrictions. This can be contrasted against volunteering abroad, which caters to a gallivanter’s purpose. Volunteering abroad doesn’t just teach you about different cultures, but immerses you in it. This cultural synergy is the first step into building a global community. Thus volunteering abroad equally impacts the life of both parties.
Volunteering thus not only teaches, but also provides an opportunity to practice and develop on our existing knowledge. It is in this sphere, where theoretical knowledge meets practicality. This is your chance to make a difference, for it is when we volunteer that we become.

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